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Garlic was used as an antiseptic to prevent gangrene. It contains compounds like alliin, ajoene, diallyl polysulfides, vinyldithiins, S-allylcysteine and enzymes, B vitamins, proteins, minerals, saponins, flavonoids
₹324.99 ₹450.00


The crude drugs from roots/ rhizomes and Valerian derived phytomedicines are used as mild sedatives in pharmaceutical industry. The activity is largely attributed to the presence of valepotriates
₹650.02 ₹750.00


Sarpagandha is used for the treatment of paranoia, schizophrenia and hypertension. It has been found effective. However, it should be used with great care in the case of the debilitated, or those habitually depressed.
₹650.02 ₹750.00

Haldi [PHEH001]

Turmeric is used for stomach and liver ailments. It has antimicrobial properties of the skin, pulmonary, gastrointestinal systems, aches, wounds, pains, sprains and liver disorders. It is commonly used in many skin conditions including eczema, chicken pox, shingles, allergy, and scabies. The active compound cur cumin which indicate potential in clinical medicine
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Punarnava is believed to improve and protect eyesight. It has diuretic properties and is usedby diabetics to lower blood sugar. It has anti-bacterial activity, mainly against Gram-negative bacteria. Extracts of its leaves have antioxidant & hepatoprotective properties. It is a source of antioxidants and may be effective against arsenic trioxide-induced cardiotoxicity. Experimental studies showed that it also possess cardioprotective properties
₹204.00 ₹240.00

Q10 Nitro CoEnzyme [hsq10n]

Coenzyme Q10 is a Vitamin like substance found in every cell of body. Mitochondria in Cell generates natural COQ10. It is a mitochondrial energizer having remarkable effects against common heart ailments and neurological disorders. It guards against various age-related disorders. It prevents onset of Migraine. It help natural enzymes to work efficiently.
₹349.99 ₹390.00

Satavari [C00261]

Satavari is perhaps best known as a female rejuvanitive. It is useful for infertility, decreased libido, threatened miscarriage, menopause, leucorrhea and has the ability to balance pH in the cervical area. Men may benefit from the herb as well in the treatment of impotence and general sexual debility. It is also quite effective for stomach ulcers, hyper acidity and diarrhea. It is believed to bring into balance all of the body's fluids
₹204.00 ₹300.00


₹204.00 ₹240.00

Tulsi ElixR0001 [TE001]

Tulsi extracts are used in ayurvedic remedies for a variety of ailments. Traditionally, tulsi is taken in many forms: as herbal tea, dried powder, fresh leaf or mixed with ghee. Essential oil extracted from Karpoora tulsi is mostly used for medicinal purposes and in herbal cosmetics and is widely used in skin preparations and for fever, colds, headache and infections. It is also useful in Sore throat, Eye and Dental problems, Skin disorder, Kidney stone and reduces stress.
₹130.01 ₹175.00

Women Shakti [cjvws]

Complete Health & Beauty Tonic For Women
₹945.00 ₹1,050.00

Yummy Gummy [hsyg01]

Yummy Gummy Multi-Vitamin Supplement is needed for proper body functions and good health. Iron helps in the formation of hemoglobin which is needed for carrying oxygen around the body. Milk pro High Milk Yield • Better Health • Improve Skin Condition • Strong Bones • Boosted with Shatavari • Organic Calcium Ensure Higher • Bio Availability • Control Rickets, Osteomalacia in Livestock • Faster Growth in Growing Animals • Accurate Formula with High Nutritional Value
₹430.00 ₹485.00
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